Fuego Panini Chopping Block NYC Catering 41 John St New York NY 10038

February 2015 – Catering Review

Fuego Panini Chopping Block NYC Catering 41 John St New York NY 10038

This month we are going to review one of my favorite restaurants in New York City, that is Chopping Block located on 41 John St, New York NY 10038. They are in between Nassau st and Williams St from what I remember.

If you’ve spent enough time in the financial district, NY, you’d probably hate sandwiches, burgers, and Chipotle. Chopping Block offers quality food by using fresh ingredients, freshly roasted meats, and sandwiches that are made on the spot. They also offer refreshing and organic salads with your choice of a roast meat. What I’m used to from a majority of the other restaurants in the area is food that has been pre-prepped, not freshed, and made in large¬†batches. Chopping Block calls their sandwiches “artistically crafted” and that is exactly what it is, a piece of artwork that tastes amazing.

Additionally, the chef is a genius with the way he put together these sandwiches. There is so much flavor to each bite, and the taste is very unique. It is not the same as any deli sandwich, or any other sandwich shop in New York. The choice of spices, sauces, and meats between pressed bread is something that sets this restaurant apart from others.

So does a great restaurant like this also offer catering? Yes they do! Their full NYC catering menu includes all of menu items in their restaurant and some sides and entrees that are usually not on the menu. The sandwiches are still made in the same quality even in bulk. The food taste great, delivery was prompt, and communication was super easy! They offer an online invoicing system where you can check your invoice and pay your bill on your computer. They are very easy to reach whether on email or through the phone and customer service is great.

They are the #1 catering company for the month of February!